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Among dental patients, there are often cases where prosthetics do not fit properly, causing discomfort and pain, which leads to requests for re-treatment. This experience has led to a decrease in patient visits to the dentist, a decline in trust between dentists and dental laboratories, and a consequent loss of revenue for both.
REAL TEETH solution was born to address these chronic issues in the dental industry.

Dental prosthesis production solution utilizing AI

The technology to create prosthetics
that resemble real teeth


REALTEETH represents the determination of Eco&Rich to create prosthetics that look like real teeth using AI. With REALTEETH's AI, it is possible to design more accurate dental prosthetics than traditional analog methods, and by verifying the prosthetics again, accurate prosthetics can be provided to patients.


AI-based design

AI analyzes the patient's dental condition and designs the optimal tooth model. The design process automatically considers factors such as the shape, size, and color of the teeth that fit the oral cavity to create sophisticated prosthetics.

Design file download

Prosthetic designs created by the AI system can be conveniently downloaded.


Rapid verification

AI is used to quickly verify prosthetics made and to identify potential defects. Errors are prevented in advance during the verification stage, saving costs and time during production.

Custom prosthetics production

AI designs and verifies individual patient's dental conditions to produce custom prosthetics. It provides the best dental care experience for customers and improves dental health.

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REALTEETH with technical expertise

REALTEETH has been developed based on the technical expertise of Eco&Rich.

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